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Target Prediction Target Functional Analysis

TaLasso algorithm combines the information of sequence databases with mRNA and miRNA expression to quantify the down-regulation between miRNAs and their putative targets.

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Last Software Update: March 21, 2011
Publication Date: Feb. 14, 2012
Citations: 35 [via Pubmed]

Organism Specific:
  • human

  • Reference Genome Needed:
    Online/Local: /
    Installation/User Level: easy
    User Adjustability:
    User support:
    Precomputed Target Results Available For Download:
    Target Prediction
    Algorithm Features:
  • seed match
  • conservation
  • free energy
  • site accessibility
  • target-site abundance
  • 3' compensatory pairing
  • G:U pairs allowed in the seed
  • local AU content
  • miRNA & mRNA expression (needed)
  • HMM

  • Target Region: 3' UTR, CDS
    Target Annotation:
    Target Enrichment Analysis:
    NGS Data Needed:
    Target Prediction Methods Used For Metaserver:
  • PicTar
  • TargetScan
  • DIANA-microT
  • mirWalk
  • miRanda
  • TarBase

  • Target Functional Analysis
    Algorithm: Pearson's correlation
    Analysis Features:
  • miRNA/mRNA Correlation
  • NGS Data Needed:
    Target Prediction Data Needed:

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