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Tools4miRs is a first, manually curated platform gathering at the present over 170 methods for the broadly-defined miRNA analysis. All tools in Tools4miRs are classified in the four general and seven more detailed categories. In each of the aforementioned sections user can additionally filter available methods according to his research needs, capabilities and preferences. Beside basic summary seen at first glance, the user can get detailed information concerning each tool. Tools4miRs is also a web-based target prediction meta-server incorporating user-designated target prediction methods in the analysis of user-provided data. Results generated by described meta-server can be presented in basic and extended form, while user can can additionally filter them using Union, Intersection or Consensus method. Tools4miRs is free, open-access service which will be systematically updated.
miRNA Biogenesis and Function
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Latest Literature
  • Beyond sequence homology: Cellular biology limits the potential of XIST to act as a miRNA sponge.
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  • MicroRNA-27 inhibits adipogenic differentiation in orbital fibroblasts from patients with Graves' orbitopathy.
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  • MicroRNA-142 Is Critical for the Homeostasis and Function of Type 1 Innate Lymphoid Cells.
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  • Graph convolution for predicting associations between miRNA and drug resistance.
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  • Integrated analysis of lncRNA-miRNA-mRNA ceRNA network in squamous cell carcinoma of tongue.
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  • Silencing microRNA-330-5p increases MMP1 expression and promotes an invasive phenotype in oesophageal adenocarcinoma.
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  • Whole blood microRNA expression associated with stroke: Results from the Framingham Heart Study.
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  • Identification of murine gammaherpesvirus 68 miRNA-mRNA hybrids reveals miRNA target conservation among gammaherpesviruses including host translation and protein modification machinery.
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  • Correction to: Regulation of terpenoid biosynthesis by miRNA in Persicaria minor induced by Fusarium oxysporum.
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  • The genome-wide impact of cadmium on microRNA and mRNA expression in contrasting Cd responsive wheat genotypes.
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  • MicroRNA-1275 inhibits cell migration and invasion in gastric cancer by regulating vimentin and E-cadherin via JAZF1.
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  • Structural Basis for Target-Directed MicroRNA Degradation.
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  • microRNA-21 promotes breast cancer proliferation and metastasis by targeting LZTFL1.
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  • Prediction and interpretation of miRNA-disease associations based on miRNA target genes using canonical correlation analysis.
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  • Time-Resolved Small RNA Sequencing Unravels the Molecular Principles of MicroRNA Homeostasis.
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  • Correction: Differences in the miRNA signatures of chronic musculoskeletal pain patients from neuropathic or nociceptive origins.
    PLOS ONE Staff
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  • Ensemble of decision tree reveals potential miRNA-disease associations.
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  • Profiling microRNA expression in murine bone healing and non-union formation: Role of miR-140 during the early stage of bone healing.
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  • Effects of short-time exposure to atrazine on miRNA expression profiles in the gonad of common carp (Cyprinus carpio).
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  • miRFA: an automated pipeline for microRNA functional analysis with correlation support from TCGA and TCPA expression data in pancreatic cancer.
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