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Tools4miRs is a first, manually curated platform gathering at the present over 170 methods for the broadly-defined miRNA analysis. All tools in Tools4miRs are classified in the four general and seven more detailed categories. In each of the aforementioned sections user can additionally filter available methods according to his research needs, capabilities and preferences. Beside basic summary seen at first glance, the user can get detailed information concerning each tool. Tools4miRs is also a web-based target prediction meta-server incorporating user-designated target prediction methods in the analysis of user-provided data. Results generated by described meta-server can be presented in basic and extended form, while user can can additionally filter them using Union, Intersection or Consensus method. Tools4miRs is free, open-access service which will be systematically updated.
miRNA Biogenesis and Function
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Last update: April 26, 2019, 12:01 a.m.
Latest Literature
  • RIP-Chip analysis supports different roles for AGO2 and GW182 proteins in recruiting and processing microRNA targets.
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  • A learning-based framework for miRNA-disease association identification using neural networks.
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  • Regenerative therapy based on miRNA-302 mimics for enhancing host recovery from pneumonia caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae.
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  • Exon level machine learning analyses elucidate novel candidate miRNA targets in an avian model of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.
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  • Data analysis algorithm for the development of extracellular miRNA-based diagnostic systems for prostate cancer.
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  • MicroRNA-520c-3p Functions as a Novel Tumor Suppressor in Lung Adenocarcinoma.
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  • FOXP1 circular RNA sustains mesenchymal stem cell identity via microRNA inhibition.
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  • MicroRNA 10a induces glioma tumorigenesis by targeting myotubularin-related protein 3 and regulating the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway.
    Yan Y, Yan H, Wang Q, Zhang L, Liu Y, Yu H
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  • LMTRDA: Using logistic model tree to predict MiRNA-disease associations by fusing multi-source information of sequences and similarities.
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  • maTE: Discovering Expressed MicroRNA - Target Interactions.
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  • Correction: Hsa-miRNA-765 as a Key Mediator for Inhibiting Growth, Migration and Invasion in Fulvestrant-Treated Prostate Cancer.
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  • A microRNA switch controls dietary restriction-induced longevity through Wnt signaling.
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  • Identification of coordinately regulated microRNA-gene networks that differ in baboons discordant for LDL-cholesterol.
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  • Injured liver-released miRNA-122 elicits acute pulmonary inflammation via activating alveolar macrophage TLR7 signaling pathway.
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  • MicroRNA-148b regulates tumor growth of non-small cell lung cancer through targeting MAPK/JNK pathway.
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