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Target Prediction

MultiMiTar is a Support Vector Machine (SVM) based classifier integrated with a multiobjective metaheuristic based feature selection technique. The robust performance of the proposed method is mainly the result of using high quality negative examples and selection of biologically relevant miRNA-targeting site context specific features. The features are selected by using a novel feature selection technique AMOSA-SVM, that integrates the multi objective optimization technique Archived Multi-Objective Simulated Annealing (AMOSA) and SVM.

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Last Software Update: Sept. 15, 2011
Publication Date: Sept. 15, 2011
Citations: 18 [via Pubmed]

Organism Specific:
  • human

  • Reference Genome Needed:
    Online/Local: /
    Installation/User Level: intermediate
    User Adjustability:
    User support:
    Precomputed Target Results Available For Download: (human)
    Performance : MCC: 0.583, ACA: 0.8, sensitivity: 0.868
    License: free for academic use olny
    Target Prediction
    Algorithm Features:
  • seed match
  • site accessibility
  • target-site abundance
  • machine learning
  • 3' compensatory pairing
  • G:U pairs allowed in the seed
  • local AU content
  • Archived Multi-Objective Simulated Annealing

  • Target Region: 3'UTR
    Target Annotation:
    NGS Data Needed:

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