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Novel miRNA/Precursor Prediction Sequencing Analysis Known miRNA Identification

miRDeep-P2 (miRDP2) is developed to accurately and fast analyze microRNAs (miRNAs) transcriptome in plants. It is adopted from miRDeep-P (miRDP) with new strategies and overhauled algorithm.

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Publication Date: Dec. 6, 2018
Reference: [Journal] [CrossRef]

Organism Specific:
  • plants

  • Reference Genome Needed:
    Online/Local: /
    Installation/User Level: easy
    User Adjustability:
    User support:
    Precomputed Target Results Available For Download:
    License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)
    Input Data Required:
  • FASTA files with processed reads
  • Reference genome
  • Sequences of known miRNAs precursors.

  • Sequencing Analysis
    Algorithm Features:
  • novel miRNA Identification
  • known miRNA identification
  • precursor prediction

  • Sequencing Platform Specific: any
    PARE/CLIP-Seq: /
    Novel miRNA/Precursor Prediction
    Prediction Features:
  • structure

  • Novel miRNA / Precursor Analysis: Prediction
    NGS Data Needed:
    Known miRNA Identification
    NGS Data Needed:

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