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miRNA SniPer

miRNA Databases miRNA-SNP Analysis

Analysis Scheme:
An online tool for the detection of miRNA polymorphisms in vertebrates. miRNA SNiPer accepts a list of miRNA genes and returns a table of variations within different regions of miRNA genes: pre-miRNA, mature, seed region.

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Last Software Update: Jan. 1, 2017
Publication Date: Jan. 27, 2012
Citations: 30 [via Pubmed]

Organism Specific:
  • human
  • mouse
  • chicken
  • rat
  • fish
  • fly
  • other animals (selectable)
  • plants (selectable)

  • Reference Genome Needed:
    Online/Local: /
    Installation/User Level: easy
    User Adjustability:
    User support:
    Precomputed Target Results Available For Download:
    Input Data Required:
  • list of miRNA names

  • Cross-Refferences:
  • miRBase
  • Ensembl
  • NCBI
  • SNPchimp
  • TargetScan

  • miRNA Databases
    Data Collection:
  • miRNA basic information
  • miRNA-SNP related informations

  • miRNA-SNP Analysis
    Target Prediction Data Needed:
    NGS Data Needed:

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